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Takeuchi Kuozo: Abstract porcelain sculpture

From the series Modern Remains 

Japan, Heisei period, 2009
Price  £3000

An abstract porcelain sculpture made of fused, oblong and un-glazed tubes. The piece has been modified by willful hammering to provide it with the desired shape. A unique piece from the Modern Remains series, 2009. Signed and dated Takeuchi Kouzo 2009. With signed kiri-box and paper. 
H 25 cm, W 22 cm, D 18 cm. Perfect condition. 


Takeuchi Kuozo (b. 1977), a graduate of Osaka University of Arts in 2001, has quickly become one of the leading exponents of contemporary ceramic art in Japan with several international exhibitions and commissions to his name. Although he also makes utilitarian pieces, especially cups in delicate, unglazed porcelain, he is essentially an innovator and experimenting artist with a unique and characteristic style.



“I want to make people feel the passage of time over my pieces. When people see the remains of a culture or decayed buildings, they evoke special emotions. I want to express not only the ruins themselves, but also the atmosphere surrounding them and their strong presence. In other words, I want the audience to feel exactly how I felt when I looked at the destroyed buildings and ruins. The geometric dense squares represent man-made buildings and I considered that the pieces might be able to embrace time if I break them, because the decayed geometric construction might evoke us about our far future. Since the color of white shows the lights and shadows clearly and dramatically, it maximizes the pathos and emotion of the modern ruins.”


 – Interview with Takeuchi Kouzo on his Modern Remains series in Ceramics Now Magazine, October 2011.


Watch more about the Modern Remains series here.



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