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Saito Kiyoshi: Dachshund

Japan, Showa period, c. 1960s


Colour woodblock print, ink and colour on paper, artist's seal and signature, mid 1950s. Good colours, good condition.

From the Dachshund series, 1950s. 


Kiyoshi Saitō (Saitō Kiyoshi, April 27, 1907 – November 14, 1997, born in Aizubange, Fukushima), is often credited with earning legitimacy for the sosaku hanga movement by winning a first prize at the 1951 Sao Paulo Biennale with his print Steady Gaze, where it was judged against paintings as well as other prints. Initially a painter himself, Saito was self-taught as a printmaker and strongly influenced by the work of Edward Munch and Piet Mondrian, as well as by that of Onchi. In woodblock printing, Saito masterfully incorporated grain patterns into his figurative compositions; he also worked in collograph and drypoint. Saito's work held great appeal for Western collectors during the 1950s and 60s and remains notable for its combination of cultural sensibilities.

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