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Aoyama Masaharu: Kiyomizu Tempel in Winter

Japan, early Showa period, 1920-30s

Price DKK1500 / €200 / $230 / £170


Colour woodblock print, postcard size, with excellent colour and detail as shown. A few prints have slight paper remnants on reverse at top edge from previous mounting. Generally in nice condition overall.

The print depicts a geisha at Kiyomizu Tempel in Winter.


Aoyama Masaharu (1893 - 1969) also known as Seiji Aoyama, was a Japanese painter and printmaker, born in Saitama prefecture. He studied traditional Japanese ink painting at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. After his graduation he took a job at the Imperial Household Museum, however he retired rather early from this job in the late 1930s.