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Tanoue Shinya: Sculptural bowl

Japan, Heisei period, 2010/11
 DKK10.000 / €1350 / $1700 / £1070

A glazed clay sculptural bowl. H 17, D 22 cm. Signed on the bottom. With original box from the artist, 2010/11. Perfect condition.


Tanoue Shinya (b. 1976) is a Kyoto-born- and raised ceramic artist, trained at the Kyoto Saga Art College, with works already in the collections of Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Museum of Kyoto and The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo. From 2006 to 2011 he was an Associate Professor at Kyoto Saga University of Arts, but works today as a fulltime ceramic artist. Shinya has had many solo exhibitions and he was commissioned to create several pieces for a new resort hotel, which opened in Japan in 2013., as well as working on a project in Singapore.  



"The important theme of my pieces is the shell - egg shells, shells of fruits or seashells, because they are deeply related to the normal circles of life. The cobalt blue in the pieces represent the ocean, which is the origin of life on Earth.  The wombs are consideres to be the shell of human beings, so if I could express in my pieces the memories of leaving the wombs (leaving forever the protective and comfortable feeling), it would be wonderful.”


 – Interview with Tanoue Shinya in Ceramics Now Magazine, October 2011


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